August Featured Artists Marilyn Lyons & Nancy Roberts

Opening Reception August 17th 6-9pm

Marilyn Lyons

I view things differently and share that vision with others through my art. Marilyn has been using different mediums to create since she was a little girl. Whether it is with a camera, brush, polymer clay, or scissors, paper, and glue, she is always creating with something. Nothing created is ever a mistake!  

Although going on trips to photograph new and exciting things is fun, you don’t have to travel beyond your own back yard to shoot some wonderful photos. You will find things you didn’t know were there, like the beautiful yellow lily with the glow of the early morning light, the butterflies surrounding the bush in your backyard, the dew on the neighbor’s rose blossom, or the waterfall of flowers of the spiarea bush. Just stop, take a moment, and observe.

Nancy Roberts

Nancy Todd-Roberts has studied and painted for over forty-five years, experimenting with oil and acrylic paints, finally settling with oil which lends itself more to her style and technique. She paints in the style of the Old Masters applying chiaroscuro and realism to her work. Chiaroscuro adds drama using light and shadows to enhance the picture. Realism is done with preciseness in drawing and perspective. Each painting requires more than one layer of paint allowing color from each layer to show through the next layer to add depth and realism. There may be as many as five layers of paint on any part of a painting to achieve the desired effect. Because of the care taken in proper oil painting techniques, each painting has the potential of lasting through hundreds of years.

The work of Nancy-Todd Roberts has been exhibited in art shows in the Greater Kansas City area as well as in other cities around the United States. Her work hangs in private collections throughout the US and Canada.
Her work also hangs in her private gallery and can be viewed by appointment only.
Nancy Todd-Roberts accepts commissions for portraits, still life, and landscapes as well as planning her own set-ups. Nancy Todd-Roberts teaches oil painting classes in Overland Park, KS. Call 913-648-0364 for information.

Call For Artists

We're looking for artists who want to sell their work and have good art to sell!

We're always looking to up our game so we're always on the prowl for exciting and emerging artists!

The process is easy and we're here to hold your hand and encourage you through it.  We’ll partner you with a mentor for the first few months to help you learn how to display and market your work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact Debbie Stone using the form at this link.
  • She’ll ask you to submit 5 pieces of your artwork for our jury of artists to evaluate.
  • Once you’re approved, we’ll set up a time to set up your display!

Since we’re a member owned and operated business you’ll need to be involved in working a few shifts at the gallery every month (don’t worry, we’ll train you).  We’ll also ask you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in helping to do a few other things around the gallery.  Maybe marketing, merchandising, social media or perhaps working on our presentation or art display committees.

The cost to join is a very affordable $60/month and you get 70% of everything you sell!  You’ll be listed here on our website and we have a web guru who can help you get a site of your own up and running if you need it.

More info!

Images Art Gallery is a 501(c)(3), member artist owned, non-profit gallery whose mission is to promote art in the community.
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  • Juried Art Show

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Images Art Gallery is a 501(c)(3), member artist owned, non-profit gallery whose mission is to promote art in the community.

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