Images Art Gallery Overland Park

14th Annual Juried Art Show
Opening Reception July 20th
6:00 – 9:00 pm, Awards at 7:00


Best of Show:  $500 - Presented by Images Art Gallery

1st Place Painting/Drawing $250 - Presented by A Friend Of The Arts

1st Place Photography $250 - Presented by Overland Photo Supply

1st Place 3-D $250 - Presented by Shizen Design Handmade Papers

Honorable Mention 3D $100 - Presented by Senior Arts Council

Honorable Mention Painting/Drawing $100 - Presented by Steve and Bev Johnston

Honorable Mention Photography $100 - Presented by Process One

Honorable Mention Pastel $100 - Presented by Mid America Pastel Society

Juror: John Boyd Martin

John Boyd Martin has established himself as one of the most accomplished portrait artists in the entire country. His paintings now hang in over 75 cities across the world, from Dublin, Ireland to Miyazaki, Japan to the Pentagon. What has made him so popular is a certain realism with which he paints. Born in 1936 and raised in the small town of Ottawa, Kansas, directly across the street from the campus of Ottawa University, Mr. Martin witnessed life at its most vibrant. As a boy, his impressions of the honesty and the work ethic of the Midwest, combined with those of campus life, have been instrumental in giving his work a down-to-earth feel that captures the essence of his subject in a very unique and dramatic manner. (click here for full biography)

Please join us to honor these artists and view their creations.

Here are the 2018 Accepted Entries By Media Category

Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing







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Call For Artists

We're looking for artists who want to sell their work and have good art to sell!

We're always looking to up our game so we're always on the prowl for exciting and emerging artists!

The process is easy and we're here to hold your hand and encourage you through it.  We’ll partner you with a mentor for the first few months to help you learn how to display and market your work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact Debbie Stone using the form at this link.
  • She’ll ask you to submit 5 pieces of your artwork for our jury of artists to evaluate.
  • Once you’re approved, we’ll set up a time to set up your display!

Since we’re a member owned and operated business you’ll need to be involved in working a few shifts at the gallery every month (don’t worry, we’ll train you).  We’ll also ask you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in helping to do a few other things around the gallery.  Maybe marketing, merchandising, social media or perhaps working on our presentation or art display committees.

The cost to join is a very affordable $60/month and you get 70% of everything you sell!  You’ll be listed here on our website and we have a web guru who can help you get a site of your own up and running if you need it.

More info!

Images Art Gallery is a 501(c)(3), member artist owned, non-profit gallery whose mission is to promote art in the community.
  • Art Education

    We promote art education in the community by teaching, mentoring, scholarships & much more!

  • Workshops

    We provide workshops in all mediums conducted by nationally and local art experts!

  • Juried Art Show

    This is a chance for community artists to test the waters by submitting their art for review by an expert jurorist. Accepted art is then exhibited in the gallery.

Images Art Gallery is a 501(c)(3), member artist owned, non-profit gallery whose mission is to promote art in the community.

Images Art Gallery, 7320 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204, Telephone: (913) 232-7113,

Kansas City Area Artists

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