What to wear

What to wear to an art gallery

What to wear

Going to an Art gallery is an unforgettable experience, and whether you’re going alone or with someone, you might wonder what you should or shouldn’t wear. It might be a task to decide what to wear as we don’t want to dress too flashy and attract unwanted attention or dress too basic and feel like we’re underdressed for the event. Art galleries don’t have a particular attire code per se, but there are some unspoken rules to dress while going to an art show. It is not very often that we go to an art show or the gallery so we might not have a particular set of go-to combination of clothes to choose from when we go to a gallery.


There is this notion that visiting an art gallery requires a certain kind of sophistication, and we have to dress accordingly. You might feel like you would get judged if you dress inappropriately and what you wear will tell a lot about your character and what kind of a person you are. Your dress might signify the sort of respect you demand and your taste of art as well. So, with all these expectations from society, it is a tough decision.

Bold, classy and sleek


While we can’t be very extravagant, we can, however, dress in a way that is on the border satirical and bold. In an ordinary sense, a graphic print might be considered more of a street style wear, but it can always be paired with a classy blazer and some boots to have the dramatic yet chic look. To achieve the sleek and simple look one could go with trousers that have a silky look, pair it with a blouse that’s grey or something mellow like that and wear a simple heeled sandal.

Versatile with Sophistication

Standing out in a crowd and yet blending in is a task of its own. Anyone can be sophisticated or versatile individually but to combine them both and carry yourself gracefully comes with the kind of clothes you choose to mix and match. A floral or ditsy patterned pencil skirt and a plain blouse that is of the contrasting colour of the skirt and an overall jacket gives a polished look whilst having a unique look.


I would recommend going in with overalls. You can never go wrong with overalls, and it is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. It is more accessible to style and gives one the perfect chic look to wear at the gallery. Jeans overall can be paired with a funky t-shirt on the inside and simple sneakers or even heels. Keep in mind to read and learn about the art and artist before you choose to wear an outfit and do not offend or disrespect the work because an outfit speaks volumes, especially in an art gallery where they interpret everything.