Marketing & Social Media For Artists

Mike Jensen, CEO/President of JensenOne Creative and an Artist Member at Images Art Gallery in learning more about what's needed to set yourself up in social media as an artist.  Mike is a Canon Master Photographer and a master at marketing!  His marketing company, JensenOne Creative works with and supports over 150 clients across the country providing website design, ad/layout design and a strong social media presence!  Mike is an active working and teaching photographer.  Website:

Mike Will Cover:

  • Marketing 101 For Artists, or
    • Why Great Artists Have Trouble Selling!
    • Why it's not enough just to be a great artist!
    • I'm a great artist, I don't need to market!
    • My art speaks for itself, right? (Do you see the pattern here?)
  • Internet Presence For Artists
    • Facebook Business Page
    • Instagram
    • MailChimp
    • E-Commerce Enabled Website

When? - Monday, March 19th, 6pm

Where? - Images Art Gallery, 7320 W. 80th Street

Cost? - FREE or Donation to Images Art Gallery Scholarship Fund (if you really think it was worth it)

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We anticipate a high demand for this workshop, therefore we are asking for everyone to sign up beforehand so we can be sure we have enough space available.

Social Media Training For Artists March 19