Lightroom - Photoshop Workflow For Photographers

Cost - $129 - Dates 4/16 6pm-9pm and 4/23 6-9pm

Are you ready to take your photography to the NEXT level?

You can't REALLY do that unless you fully understand Lightroom and Photoshop. It's like shooting film and never walking into a darkroom.

Are you ready to learn how to take images like the the ones above and turn them in to the one below?

Arches National Park Red Rocks At Sunset


Import Module

Learn how to manage your catalogues, collections, import images and add meta-data, change filenames, and much more…

Develop Module

Learn how to use all the sliders, adjust “Levels” in LR. Create HDR images, Panoramas, crop, straighten, and more..


  • Importing/Cataloging of Images
  • Structure and Organization
  • Renaming
  • Adding of Copyright protection and meta tags
  • Moving/Deleting of files
  • Rating of Images
  • Syncing of Images
  • Exporting of Images


  • Easy leveling of images
  • Cropping
  • Easy adjustments for dark areas and light areas
  • Easy White Balance adj for all images in a shoot
  • Hue,Saturation, Luminosity adj all in one module
  • Removing haze from an image
  • One click adjustments for dull skies
  • Spot Removal, Red Eye, Grad/Radial Filter, Adj Brush
  • Smart Previews
  • Sync to iPad Mobile



Layers CAN be one of the hardest concepts to learn, but once you have them down it will open a whole new world in your photography.

Camera RAW Filter

This is one of the most powerful filters in PS and YOU need to know how to use it!

Editing For Projection or Print?

  • Best Practices
  • Layers
  • Best Practices
  • Layers &      Masking
  • Levels, Curves, Exposure, Brightness/Contrast,Hue,Saturation
  • Blending Layer Adjustments

Common Uses

  • Area Selection
  • Sky Replacement
  • Portrait Editing
  • Use of Blurs
  • Stacked Focusing
  • Panoramas
  • Time Lapse Videos

Mike Jensen - Instructor



Lightroom-Photoshop Workflow April 2018