Watercolor Workshop

Denny Dowdy Watercolor Workshop April 29-30

Watercolor Workshop

In the watercolor workshop we will complete at least two seasonal paintings of beautiful Midwestern landscapes using a limited pallet of realistic earth tones.
I will show you the different techniques that I use for painting summer and winter trees, brick buildings and snow.
This will include:
Wet into wet
Charging paint into paint
Dry brush
Using masking fluid
Lifting paint
I will provide photographs for us to work from and there will be plenty of opportunity for direction and questions within this two-day period.
– Denny –

When: Friday-Saturday April 29-30 2016 – 9:30a.m. – 4:00p.m. (set up time 9-9:30 a.m.)   Space is limited! Sign up soon.

Place: Images Art Gallery – 7320 W. 80th St. Overland Park, Kansas, 66204, telephone: 913-232-7113 (For all levels of students)

Costs: $175.00, which includes snacks. Workshop fee is refundable, less $40, up to April 21st. After that date it will be refunded only if someone takes your place. Make sure you include your telephone number and e-mail address.
A supply list will be given after registration.

Pay: Check or credit card to Images Art Gallery – 7320 W. 80th St. Overland Park, Kansas, 66204 , telephone: 913-232-7113
There are restaurants on either side of Images for the lunch break. Refrigerator and microwave oven are also available at
Images Art Gallery for your use during the workshop.

Watercolor supply  list  

  1. Watercolors, these are the colors that I use most, ultra marine blue, sap green, cad red, cad yellow, burnt umber, cerulean blue, paynes grey. Also white gouache and bring whatever colors you have? 
  2. Brushes,  flats 3/8in 1/2in to 1in, #1,#2,#4  rounds, any mop or large brushes for washes and a #1 liner brush, those will be the brushes that I will be using, if you have other brushes feel free to bring them as well?
  3. Paper: 3 full sheets of 140lb paper, 2 sheets cut into ¼’s, the ¼ sheets should be approximately 14 1/2in x 10 1/2in. then quarter them and you should have pieces that are 7 ½”x 5 ½”.
  4. Masking  fluid.
  5. Drawing equipment, { pencil and eraser? }.
  6. 1 in white artist tape or painters tape.
  7. Whatever type of board you use to tape your paper down on.
  8. 1 or 2 small to medium water containers.
  9. A roll of paper towels.
  10. Hair dryer if you have one?