Working In Gallery

How to work in an art gallery

Working In Gallery

Working at an art gallery is a dream job for many, especially artists. An art gallery is like a paradise of endless knowledge. Working there could give an artist the right kind of exposure to the world of art. Working at an art gallery also comes with many responsibilities of its own.

Skills required

To work in an art gallery, one must be flexible enough to learn and work in all departments and be a quick learner. Like any other workplace, the art gallery has its own set of skills and expectations. One is required to know the industry in and out to land a position at the art gallery. It is important to have organisational skills, have the knowledge on what to prioritise first and get things done accordingly. The work at an art gallery would require one to shuffle through a lot of things and without organisational skills, things can turn out to be a mess, which is the last thing one wants at a gallery. Communication skills are a must for working at an art gallery. If one does not have a clear and effective way of communicating, then it’s tough to fair in a job like this.


Positions to work

There are jobs such as being the social media manager, events manager, gallery associate etc. and there are also jobs that require one to know a lot more about art and have done a degree or masters course pertaining to art to succeed in this field. However, it requires one to get experience in all areas possible. One could work as a gallery assistant, art supervisor and an attendant as well. One could also avail internships at galleries and learn about the world of art by spending some time at galleries. Being a guide at a gallery is a scholarly job and requires one to have a depth of knowledge and the ability to interpret art and be quick on their feet to be able to do this job.


Working at the gallery

Working at a gallery requires one to have a certain etiquette. Some galleries might even have uniforms to have a consistent and neat approach. It is important to learn about the artworks at the gallery. To be prepared for any kind of question that a visitor might ask in the absence of an artist.

Working at an art gallery means that you would be representing the gallery itself, so it is essential to represent the gallery in the right manner. One needs to value art and know to respect artwork to work at a gallery. Only when one has respect for art can they work efficiently as they would value the opportunity and cherish their time there.