How to become a curator of an art gallery


An art curator is what one would call an expert in the art world. An art curator adorns many hats and holds various responsibilities. One must have a good sense of what could attract visitors, and to have that, one must have an intense fascination for art. A degree in art and art history will help one have good basics and understanding of what they’re expected to do. While studying, one can try and get internships and work an assistant to a curator and work under their guidance and gain more knowledge in this field. The right kind of experience and exposure will help one understand and become an expert. Visiting as many art galleries as possible and talking to artists and understanding how business works is one way to gain wisdom.

Skills required

One primary skill that is required to be an art curator is having an eye for creativity and uniqueness and also an attention to detail. An artist would expect the curator to understand their art which translates to respecting and valuing the artist. Communication is crucial as the curator would be the one communicating with many artists and also to the visitors about the art. Since a curator would have studied about the basics of art, they would be required to educate in simple words to the ones who are new to the world of art but have a keen interest in learning. The job also requires one to be a people person. Managing people is a part of this job too.



As a curator, one has to make sure to stay updated in the world of art. Stay updated and update the gallery with the latest collection every once in a while. By updating the curator makes space for research and education for new budding artists and also attract more art collectors and even researchers to their gallery. Collecting art is not the only task, but maintaining proper documented records and proof from the artists is significant. Since it is also a business, a curator also has to raise funds and grants to protect the gallery. It is also the responsibility of a curator to delegate and distribute duties. A curator hires the right kind of people to work under them and guide them to work efficiently.

A curator is the one who manages to take responsibility for every artwork. It is their job to make sure all the artwork is protected and safe. They make sure to collect the best artworks for the viewers. They buy exhibits and organise exhibitions and take care of the entire experience. So, the hats adorned by a curator is of a businessman, art collector, designer, organiser, manager, a mentor, a guide and the list goes on.