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How do you get your art in a gallery?

Art Gallery

It is a known fact that getting recognised in the art world is not very easy or doesn’t happen overnight. Even if we hear stories about how one’s art become viral in a day, we must remember that it took years and years of practice to achieve and reach this point. The artworld is a competitive space, and each artwork is unique and incomparable. Getting your art displayed in a gallery is a big stepping stone in your career as an artist. But as we know, there are numerous artists, and they all want recognition and to make a living by doing something they enjoy.

A niche

As an artist, you could experiment with different styles of art, but it is essential to have a particular niche and style that defines or stands out. Artists sign below their name or nom de plume to indicate that it is their work. With a specific style and niche of doing art, the viewers can recognise the artist’s name by just looking like the work of the artist, so this works as an advantage to the artist. Vincent Van Gogh can be taken, for example.

Steps to follow

First, you have to make a list of galleries you are interested in exhibiting your artworks in and then send a mail to them talking about yourself as an artist and the kind of work you are interested in exhibiting. Some art galleries have a particular theme, and you need to send in high definition pictures of pieces that fit the theme. There will be several artists who would be interested in exhibiting their work, so contacts are vital here as well. Make sure you have some reference and someone who can put in a good word for you, but you cannot rely on this entirely either. Make sure you know your art, and you can talk about it because presentation matters too, there will be many critiques and you must know your art in and out to be convincing enough as a professional artist worthy of their time and space. Before entering your art into galleries, you must visit enough shows to familiarise yourself with the ambience.

Getting your art displayed at an art gallery helps to commercialise the art as well. If the art gallery is in a different city, then it could mean expansion and recognition in a different place. Although some might think that in this world of digital space, one could sell their work online and since everything online is borderless, art collectors can order from the comfort of their homes. But as a true artist or an art collector, one would want to see the work in real and then decide to buy just for the sake of authenticity. Having your art displayed at a gallery is prestige and gives one a lot of value as an artist.