Featured Artists Reception on June 17

Annette Hadley's Art.

Annette Hadley’s Art.

An opening reception for acrylic and tempera artist Annette Hadley and photographer Catherine Sherman is 6 to 9 p.m., Friday, June 17, at Images Art Gallery, where they are featured artists.  The featured show at the gallery, which is at 7320 W. 80th St., Overland Park, Kansas, will continue through July 9.

Annette Hadley's art and greeting cards for sale.

Annette Hadley’s art and greeting cards.

In addition to the featured art, art lovers will be treated to great art from all 30 members of the gallery, including oils, watercolor, pastel, pottery, glass, jewelry and paper mache.  Guitarist Rich Berry will play and drinks, and appetizers will be served.    The gallery, in Downtown Overland Park, will be part of festivities during Local Life Third Friday with music, demonstrations, food tastings, sidewalk sales and other activities throughout the area.  The Local Life schedule is at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, Images Art Gallery will have a sidewalk sale on Saturday, along with several other businesses in Downtown Overland Park.

Annette Hadley: My artwork, Abundance Art, was born out of an immense healing journey and the creativity and inspiration that accompanied it, so that those aspiring to greater wholeness can realize the beauty that lies within.

Annette Hadley: go slow: woman on a journey.

Annette Hadley’s ‘go slow: woman on a journey’ mandala exhibit.

My artwork includes painting, drawing, illustrating, mixed media, photography, poetry and other written works.

I began painting for the first time in January 2011, looking for a way to explore my creative side. My style is called “process painting” which is also known as “painting from the source.” This means simply being present, paying attention to how I feel, choosing colors and brushes that appeal to me, and putting paint and brush to paper or canvas or whatever.

I have learned that I am the painter, I am the paint, and I am the painting. I learned that there is no judgment in process painting, because there is no right or wrong. Plus, if I am drawn to painting the same thing again and again, I should do just that, which is why you will see many swirls and circles (mandalas) in my work.

Starting with tempera on paper, I evolved over the years to acrylic on canvas. I also create mandalas using pastel chalk on paper as part of my ongoing personal growth and healing. Some of them are included in my featured mandala exhibit “go slow: woman on a journey” which reflects my trauma recovery journey.

Regardless of medium, my process generally remains the same: what color is calling to me? Do I feel like creating broad strokes over a large space? Or something smaller? I’m often surprised and usually delighted at what pours out. Someone once saw a painting of mine and asked “This came from your head?!?” I replied, “No, it came from my heart.”

Annette Hadley's art in the show.

Annette Hadley’s art in the show.

Annette Hadley's Mandala Art

Annette Hadley’s Mandala Art

Catherine Sherman's photography.

Catherine Sherman’s photography.


Catherine Sherman:

I’m a photographer, writer and oil painter, specializing in science and nature topics, but I love to photograph, paint and write about everything.  I’m a journalist and combine writing with photography. I describe my artwork as “It’s a Beautiful world!”

In my art, I hope to reveal the extraordinary in what might seem ordinary; to look at the world with new eyes every day, fostering a deep appreciation of the people, animals and environment of this magnificent world.  I love to photograph people doing things that they enjoy and being with people they love and have fun with.

I love animals, and I photograph cats available for adoption for the website of Wayside Waifs, an animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve photographed nearly 6,000 cats so far, helping them to find homes.

Some of Catherine Sherman's photography in the show.

Some of Catherine Sherman’s photography in the show.


Catherine Sherman's matted prints and greeting cards will be for sale.

Catherine Sherman’s matted prints and greeting cards will be for sale.

Local Life Activity Schedule for Third Friday in June in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas.

Local Life Activity Schedule for Third Friday in June in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas.