How To Light An Art Gallery

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Art galleries are a visual treat to art lovers. Art galleries usually comprise of a collection of artworks of many artists or the works of just one. Each artwork is an exquisite piece that’s exclusively unique; none of them can be compared to the other. Art is all about individuality. When it comes to art, since it is to be enjoyed by viewing it, the light in which is it displayed is very crucial.

The power of light

Light can make a massive difference in how you view something. We have limited sight when there is less light, and we can see every little detail when there is maximum light. The question is, how does the artist want us to view their art. Some would like us to focus on the minute features and would wish to shed maximum light on the work. At the same time, some would want to shed little light on one side and leave the rest to the viewers’ interpretation.

Colour and Temperature

Light has the ability to change the way you look at an artwork. The colours rendered can be completely different with various kinds of light. The perfect kind of light must be chosen to get the ideal perspective the artist wants the viewers to see it in. There are warm and cool lights to choose from. If the colour temperature is higher, the light emitted will be cooler and vice versa. The colour temperature is essential not only for the visual setting but also for the mood it sets for the viewer. The ambience needs to be precise, so the art feels like it is complete.


Types of light

Depending on the kind of artwork that is up for display, there are different kinds of light that suit the particular work. The right type of light is necessary to do justice to the artwork. A sculpture can be placed at a podium and still not get enough attention it deserves if there is no spotlight on it. The right kind of focus light is vital to project a beam of light on the piece of art; this applies to a painting as well. The direction in which the light is directed matters a lot when it comes to a gallery. The paintings that are mounted to that wall generally have low wattage lamps that are individually there for just that piece to give it more depth. Wall washers are the kind of lights that give the artwork an aesthetic look; it provides flexibility and lights up the wall itself, so the art on it looks exceptional.

Art is all about presentation, and light helps to bring out the best in an art piece. Not just their art but light can help an artist tell their story they’re trying to convey too. We must get the lighting right because light helps art become extraordinary.