Marketing & Social Media For Artists

Mike Jensen, CEO/President of JensenOne Creative and an Artist Member at Images Art Gallery in learning more about what's needed to set yourself up in social media as an artist.  Mike is a Canon Master Photographer and a master at marketing!  His marketing company, JensenOne Creative works with and supports over 150 clients across the country providing website design, ad/layout design and a strong social media presence!  Mike is an active working and teaching photographer.  Website:

Mike Will Cover:

  • Marketing 101 For Artists, or
    • Why Great Artists Have Trouble Selling!
    • Why it's not enough just to be a great artist!
    • I'm a great artist, I don't need to market!
    • My art speaks for itself, right? (Do you see the pattern here?)
  • Internet Presence For Artists
    • Facebook Business Page
    • Instagram
    • MailChimp
    • E-Commerce Enabled Website

When? - Monday, January 22nd, 6pm

Where? - Images Art Gallery, 7320 W. 80th Street

Cost? - FREE or Donation to Images Art Gallery Scholarship Fund (if you really think it was worth it)

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We anticipate a high demand for this workshop, therefore we are asking for everyone to sign up beforehand so we can be sure we have enough space available.

Social Media Training For Artists